Training programs


“The training my team and I received through Incognition was of an excellent standard, and gave us a fantastic grounding in the biases we need to be aware of in ourselves and others. I believe this training has made my team more aware and considerate of unconscious biases and discrimination that can exist in business, even when it’s unintended! Highly recommend.”

- Carrah Jordan, State Manager (QLD), PRA Recruitment.

Incognition will work with your organisation to identify any particular training requirements and can customize bespoke training packages. The Unconscious Bias training package has been developed to be presented in a full day workshop consisting of two distinct sessions to ensure maximum participant engagement.

Half day package

This four hour program lays the groundwork for the second half of the full-day package.  In this session, we will define and explain unconscious bias using insights from neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and other fields.  We will explore the risks of unconscious bias and work through evidence based strategies for challenging and managing our own individual biases.

The half day package is ideal for anyone who wants to learn about cognitive bias, test their own biases and learn strategies to overcome unconscious bias.  It is suitable for all levels of staff, and can be delivered as a standalone session for staff who are not currently in leadership or related roles. Alternatively, when delivered as part of the full day workshop, general staff are welcome to attend this session and leave after the lunch break.

Full day package

This program includes the half day package in the morning and a second session in the afternoon. The second session focuses specifically on strategies for managing unconscious bias in recruitment and selection, professional development, leadership and workplace culture. It is designed for management, and any worker involved in strategic decision-making involving recruitment, policy and organizational culture.


Great flow of content, great interactive activities which made it more engaging. Great videos and engaging presentation from Beth overall.
— training participant